20 Facts about Bonaire

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11 September 2019
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23 June 2021

20 Facts about Bonaire

1. On the first of January 2018, Bonaire had 19.5 thousand inhabitants.

2. The number of Antillean-born persons migrating to the Netherlands is as big as the group remigrating.

3. More than 4 out of 10 inhabitants of the Caribbean Netherlands were not born on one of Caribbean islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

4. To follow a study at the university, students mainly go the Netherlands, the Unites States, Curacao or Sint Maarten.

5. Bonaire has 8 governmental funded schools, of which 7 primary schools.

6. Almost half of the 15 years or older have lower education, 34% an intermediate and 16 percent a higher education level. Also men have a lower education level than woman, as 52% of them are lower educated, while only 43% of the women.

7. Income inequality is the most stable compared to the other island of the Caribbean Netherland

8. Only a few things are produced on Bonaire which is shown in the numbers; import was worth 213 million US dollars, while export was worth 11 million US dollars.

9. More men (72%) than woman 68%) are employed.

10. The unemployment rate is just below 7%.

11. There are 9.3 thousand jobs, most of these jobs are in the wholesale and retail trade, followed by the public sector, accommodation and food service activities.

12. The average annual wage in 2016 was 23.7 thousand US dollars.

13. Nearly 90% of the resident (aged 15 years and older) indicated they are happy.

14. Multilingualism is very common on Bonaire; 86% speaks more than one language.

15. The official language of Bonaire is Dutch, but 60% of the inhabitants indicate that Papiamentu (the native language) is their main language. For only 16% Dutch is their main language, and 15% have Spanish as their main language.

16. The average number of flamingo’s is increasing.

17. People (mostly students) who leave Bonaire and move to the Netherlands have an average length of stay of 7 years.

18. The inhabitants indicated to feel safer than 4 years ago, with more than 80% indicating that they never felt unsafe.

19. The amount of tourist arriving by air was approximately 128.5 thousands, most were Dutch or US citizen. Another 407.3 thousand cruise passengers arrived.

20. The monthly average temperature never got below 25 degrees in 2017.

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