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17 May 2021

Bonaire Scuba

Bonaire Scruba is run by Larry. Larry is a diving enthusiast who has been diving for over 21 years. He became a diving instructor in 2002 and has since discovered the (underwater) world all over! This includes the countries: Jamaica, Puerto Rico, The British Virgin Islands, Florida, California, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Australia, and of course, Bonaire.

After 9 days of non-stop diving Larry knew Bonaire was the place to be. He found a job as captain and dive instructor at one of the most renown diving companies on Bonaire. Larry is forever grateful for the experience and fun 19 years he had while scuba diving. Due to his experience as instructor and diving expeditions he lifts scuba diving to the next level.

This the perfect place for a dive heavy holiday on Bonaire. Just in need of rental gear or cylinders? Contact Larry directly!

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Bonaire Scuba