Beach Bars & Clubs

11 October 2019

Ocean Oasis

An oasis of tranquility, a setting with luxury, comfort and excellent service.
30 September 2019

Sorobon Beach Club

Experience the nature and serenity of the beautiful Lac Bay
30 September 2019

Sebastian’s Beach

Enjoy a cool drink and a bite, while soaking up the Caribbean sun
27 September 2019

Coco Beach Club

Enjoy the day, the sun and the sea and in the evening the lovely music
27 September 2019

Karel’s Beach Bar

In the evening the party starts at Karel’s Beach Bar!
2 March 2017

The Beach

An oceanfront haven for relaxation, lunch or dinner!
19 January 2017

Little Havana

Probably the coolest music bar in the Caribbean!
19 January 2017

Spice Beach Club

Located on the Caribbean coast, Spice Beach Club
19 January 2017

Hang Out Beach Bar

The ultimate place to relax or go windsurfing on the island!