23 March 2023

A great initiative to reduce plastic waste on Bonaire

Read more about this amazing project that will reduce plastic pollution, allowing Bonaire to keep its beauty longer.
11 February 2023

A wonderful vacation experience on Bonaire

Read more about what Bonaire has to offer for a fantastic vacation here.
11 October 2022

Romantic holiday? Some ideas!

Want to surprise your loved one on Bonaire? You'll find here activities to make your vacation or honeymoon even more romantic!
23 September 2022

5 things to do by night

Stargazing or dancing on Latin music? Read more about fun activities to do at night on Bonaire
9 August 2022

The best start of your holiday

Read more about activities and restaurants to make your first three days on Bonaire a perfect experience!
23 June 2021

Turtles in Bonaire Quiz

True or false?! A couple of questions about the majestic turtles of Bonaire!
13 September 2019

20 Facts about Bonaire

20 Facts about Bonaire, did you know that.....
11 September 2019

QVillas active on Pinterest!

QVillas is live on Pinterest! Follow us for exclusive content every weekday!
27 November 2018

The most luxurious villa!

Curious what the most luxurious villa of Bonaire is? We know the answer!
26 October 2018

Taste of Bonaire

Taste of Bonaire an event for both tourists and locals!
12 September 2017

Qvillas has a new office!

We have moved a few units away from our old office!
16 March 2017

Salentein Luxury Wines

We are now able to serve our guests the Luxury Wines of Bodega Salentein
13 February 2017

Qvillas Office

A lovely and enjoyable working environment at the Qvillas office
28 December 2016

Dreamcatcher Qvillas

May all your dreams come true on beautiful Bonaire
28 December 2016

Diving spot “Klein Bonaire”

Find the best diving spot at Klein Bonaire.
28 December 2016

Diving spots Bonaire

Find the best diving spot in divers paradise!
28 December 2016

First Newsletter

PROUD! We've just send out our first newsletter!
28 December 2016

Enjoy watching

Beautiful villa Salentein, Bonaire's most beautiful oceanfront villa
28 December 2016

This is our home

This is who we are. Feel beautiful Bonaire.
28 December 2016

Vlog Villa Salentein

Go check out the vlog of Villa Salentein!