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7 December 2020
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22 June 2021

CrossFit Palms

Welcome to CrossFit Palms, the most unique place in the world to work-out. We are located on Bonaire in an old hotel ruin. This hotel supposed to be a luxury hotel 30 years ago, but is now a landmark on this beautiful island Bonaire

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that combines weight lifting, athletics, and gymnastics. During the training, functional movements are performed in a varied way at a high intensity. The philosophy behind CrossFit is not to specialize in one specific sport component because this would lead to unilateral physical development.

Regardless of your age, fitness, health, or goal: you will soon experience how CrossFit influences different moments in your daily life.

Curious about our training courses?
We specialize in the well-known WOD (Workout Of the Day) training courses to personal training courses that are specifically intended for you.

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CrossFit Palms