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17 September 2019
20 September 2019

Cuba Compagnie

Welcome at Cuba Compagnie on Bonaire!

The friendliness of the people, the warm atmosphere, erotic dancing, the stirring music, the beautiful buildings, and the special cars have had Cuba stealing our hearts during the holidays that we celebrated on the largest of all Caribbean islands.
We wanted to let the atmospheres of Cuba come back to our venue on Bonaire, so the people would feel at home right away. We are proud that we succeeded in doing that, measured by the reactions of our guests!

In Cuba you still find very little smartphones, tablets and laptops today, so people are engaged with each other and not with their phones. Luckily also at Cuba Compagnie Bonaire, we see very few people more liking Facebook than the views on the beautiful Caribbean Sea in our front yard. We see that Cuba Compagnie is a place to meet, to talk, to laugh and to dance.

Celebrating life in Cuba is rule number one, and so it is with us at Cuba Compagnie: VIVA CUBA!!

cuba compagnie

Cuba Compagnie