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28 December 2016
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28 December 2016

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All of klein Bonaire’s sites are boat dives.

A. No Name

This dive lies directly in front of No Name Beach at 30-100 feet. Currents are mild, however, the coral is sparse. The advantage is that the sandy bottom is often home to rays and large school masters. All levels of divers will enjoy this site

B. Ebo’s Reef

This 40-100 foot site has light to moderate currents, suitable for the intermediate diver. What makes it so special are the giant orange elephant ear sponges that are topped off with numerous black feather crionoids.

C. Jerry’s Reef

Good boat dive for beginners, the currents are moderate with a depth of 30-100 feet. Chrionoids abound at this site and large elephant ear sponges are evident. Lots of black coral is also seen in the depths. This site is also called Ebo’s Reef.

D. Just A Nice Dive

This dive, with mild currents and depth ranges of 20-100 feet, is for all levels. There is an abundance of yellow pencil coral and leaf or sheet corals. Lots of schooling fish reside at the top of the reef and solitary species, such as ocean trigger fish, are often seen

E. Nearest Point

A dive with moderate currents and depths ranging from 20-100 feet. All levels of diver can enjoy stony mountain corals in the drop-off area. At lower depths, black coral can be found, as well as big orange and purple tube sponges.

F. Keepsake


G. Bonadventure

A dive with moderate currents and a 20-100 foot depth. Good for the beginner as well as the intermediate diver. A large amount of soft coral is found in the shallows. Angelfish often accompany divers up and down the reef.

H. Monte’s Divi

The currents are mild and beginner divers stand a good chance of seeing a sea horse here. The depth ranges from 15-100 feet, with large stands of elk horn coral in the shallows. A lone divi divi tree stands guard on shore, directly opposite the mooring site.

I. Rock Pile

The shallow (15-100 feet) water and mild to moderate currents make this site suitable for all levels of diving skill. A large green moray eel is often seen hiding among the boulder coral. The mooring lies directly offshore from a pile of rocks on the shore.

J. Joanne’s Sunchi

A dive site with 20-100 foot depths and moderate currents. For all levels of diver, Joanne’s Sunchi has lots of sand chutes and large tube sponges. Sunchi is the Papiamentu word for “kiss.”

K. Capt. Don’s Reef

Ranging from 20-100 feet with mild currents, Capt. Don’s Reef is a must dive for all levels. Located at the mooring is a plaque dedicated to Bonaire’s pioneer diver, Don Stewart, which thanks him for his dedication to the preservation of Bonaire’s reefs.

L. South Bay

This dive has mild to moderate currents and depths ranging from 30-100 feet. All levels of diver can enjoy seeing different species of groupers and schools of horse-eye jacks.

M. Hands Off

A novice-level dive with mild currents and an average depth of 30-100 feet, Hands Off was originally established to gauge diver impact on the reef. No photographers or clumsy diving practices were allowed.

N. Forest

From 25-100 feet, the intermediate skilled diver will encounter mild to moderate currents here. Forest was named for the abundance of soft coral found in the shallows, especially black coral

O. Southwest Corner

Ranging in depth from 15-100 feet, intermediate divers will encounter mild to moderate currents. Black Durgeons and, of course, an abundance of yellow tail snappers will be seen.

P. Munk’s Haven

A dive with mild to moderate currents, this site ranges from 20-100 feet. All levels of diver can enjoy lush soft coral in the shallows, with large sculptured coral heads in the drop-off area. Large groupers are often seen at cleaning stations

Q. Twixt


R. Sharon’s Serenity

Located on the southwest corner of Klein Bonaire, Sharon’s Serenity has moderate currents suitable for intermediate levels of diving. A good site also for snorkelers, since the mooring is located quite close to shore. With an average depth of 20-100 feet, there are numerous elk horn and stag horn coral, as well as many varieties of soft coral. Large groupers have also been sighted here and a number of basket star fish make this a popular night dive.

S. Valerie’s Hill

A boat dive for all levels of diving skill, the range of depth is 30-100 feet. Usually, a mild current is present. Named after Capt. Don’s wife by local dive guides, it has numerous sponges and plentiful black coral. Scrawled file fish and gray parrot fish are often seen.

T. Mi Dushi

This dive averages 25-100 feet. All skill levels will find mild to moderate currents. Mi Dushi means “my sweetheart” in the local language. The shallows are filled with stag horn and yellow pencil coral. Many smaller reef fish also inhabit this site.

U. Carl’s Hill

This site is named after underwater photographer Carl Roessler and lies on the northwest tip of Klein Bonaire. This 20-100 foot photographer’s dream has light to moderate currents for the intermediate diver. The main feature of the dive is the sheer wall that begins 20 yards offshore and drops to a sandy bottom at 70 feet. The face of the wall is covered with sponges and soft coral, making for dramatic scenery. Barracudas and bar jacks are often seen here, as well as schools of blue tangs.

V. Carl’s Hill Annex

Also known as Yellow Man, this dive has mild currents, depths of 20-100 feet, and an abundance of soft coral in the shallows. Sea horses can usually be found close to the mooring barrels and there are plenty of groupers and jacks in the deeper areas.

W. Ebo’s Special

Also known as Jerry’s Jam, it is named for Bonaire’s first certified diver, Ibo Domacasse. All levels of diver will enjoy mild currents on this site. One interesting feature is a cave that is in shallow waters and generally is the home of large groupers. A nurse shark is often seen sleeping among the coral heads.

X. Leonora’s Reef

Just one site east of Carl’s Hill, this is an ideal site for the beginning diver. The currents are almost always moderate and an average depth of 20-80 feet will take you by huge plate coral and mountainous star coral. There is a small tunnel through the coral that makes an ideal frame for a picture. Tiger groupers are generally seen in the deeper water, while parrot fish, yellowtail snappers, and four-eye butterfly fish prevail in the shallows.

Y. Knife


Z. Sampler

On the north coast of Klein Bonaire, this 20-100 foot site boasts light to moderate currents for the novice to intermediate diver. Friendly angelfish willingly approach divers looking for a hand-out, as do many of the reef residents at this site. It is one of Bonaire’s most popular dive sites.