Fishing Adventures Bonaire

Sea Cow Bonaire
19 January 2017

Talk about a hobby that got out of hand… My passion for sportfishing has always been a part of me. Enjoying nature, reading the signs it provides and once in a while, holding one of its inhabitants. It gave me such pleasure that I started a charter fishing company, named Fishing Adventures Bonaire, so that other may experience the same joy and fun. We offer various kinds of fishing, like trolling mixed up with jigging, guided fishing in the flats for bonefish and what else lives there, and our specialty: night fishing at the oil tankers. Super active and an awesome experience.


Question: How was Peter’s communication when establishing fishing dates?
Answer: Fantastic!!!  Peter was very responsive to my emails same day.  Sometimes we would email several times a day the week before my trip.
Question:  Does Peter provide fishing gear and tackle?
Answer: YES.  Not only does Peter provide fishing gear, his rods and reels are better than my personal gear!!  Shimano Stradic 2500 reels and and St Croix rods.  Very nice to fish with and an upgrade from my older Shimano Stradic and St Croix rods at home.  Shimano should sponsor Peter, I’m going to go get new Shimano reels as a result of my positive experience with Peters gear!  In addition, Peter maintains a backpack with numerous fishing related items needed for the day as well as sunblock.  Definitely prepared!
Question: Is Peter easy to speak with and does he have good demeanor?
Answer: Within 5 minutes of meeting Peter, i knew we would click.  Yes, Peter is an awesome guy, well educated and genuinely cares about Bonaire and the environment.  Peter is intense sight fisher and very patient at the same time!!
Question: would an experienced angler benefit from Peter as a guide?
Answer: DEFINITELY!  As a former coast guard licensed captain for hire in the US and fishing the 10,000 island my entire life, I have quite a bit of fishing experience, yet Peter led me to the fish, spotted the fish before me and he quickly assessed each situation regarding casting distance, fish movement and wind.  With Peters assistance, I landed dozens of bonefish and a couple of nice snook!
Question: Would you hire Peter as a guide again?
Answer: ABSOLUTELY!!!!  I fished with Peter for 6 days straight.  We had a blast, we walked quite a bit, we traded fishing stories, he educated me on Bonaire “things”, we laughed at times, we shared some great ‘high fives’ even though he is a foot taller than me 🙂 and we caught some great fish – VERY MEMORABLE TRIP and I look forward to fishing with Peter again during our next family adventure to Bonaire!”