For sale

Off – market sale is also For sale

There are several reasons why people wanted to sell their home without the need to publicize. We call this an off-market sale. The property is for sale, but without any public advertising.

In the past few years, many buyers didn’t want to have to splash their details all over the place. The usual motivation behind selling a home off-market revolved around privacy.  The sellers would just rather their friends and neighbors not know right away that they’re moving, and more importantly, why they’re moving

The key to spotting an “off-market” sale is “relationships, relationships, relationships.”


Our network is really valuable and it’s really important to let the network do their job.

Networking has always played an important role in the world of business, with many a key deal done over a drink at a favoured club. Some property transactions are carried out in the same way.

We do offer our customers the off-market sale, because we notice it’s becoming increasingly popular.

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