Real Estate: Vacation Time & Return on Investment

At Qvillas we are in the business not only of providing services for renting out some of Bonaire’s most beautiful vacation homes; we are also available to sell and acquire real estate. We have homeowners who want to sell their property and a number of clients who — after spending a nice and relaxing vacation on our beautiful island — fall in love with the island and become convinced that they need to own property on Bonaire. The real estate business on Bonaire (like the worldwide real estate market) has been a slow market the last few years but is increasing along with the number of tourists who visit Bonaire as a destination for diving, appreciating our pristine marine environment and enjoying our consistently moderate and deliciously warm climate. Bonaire property owners can both enjoy their vacation homes and earn money off of rental income — double the Caribbean fun!


Are you thinking about selling your property?

If you want to sell your home then we are the right partner for you.
We not only have the necessary experience and expertise, but also (and more importantly) an extensive network of friends/ business partners and many other relationships that make the task easier and more effective. If you share our opinion that an individual approach, total dedication, commitment, transparency and a preference for quality over quantity are the key components of a lasting relationship, with Qvillas you have found your real estate agent on beautiful Bonaire.

We are more than happy to inform you about our sales strategy.

Are you interested in buying a property on Bonaire?

After spending a restful and engaging vacation in one of our outstanding villas, you might be interested in buying a property of your own on Bonaire. With our more than 20 years of experience and more than 10 years knowledge of the properties in all of Bonaire’s wonderful and varying neighborhoods, we are more than happy to take you by the hand. We’ll arrange for tours around the island and visits to properties of
your choice.

Our team of specialists examines the legal and structural aspects of the properties in which you may be interested, and when necessary we consult engineers or lawyers. We conduct the negotiation of the purchase price on your behalf with fairness and openness. Last but not least, we guide you to and from ownership of your own
Bonaire dream property.

Owning a property abroad is both a huge privilege and a lucrative investment, but only if the management and maintenance of your home is well taken care of. Qvillas has the highest of standards for property management and once your dream of property ownership on Bonaire becomes a reality you can trust Qvillas to ensure that your Caribbean paradise is managed with thoroughness and honesty. Please contact us: we would love to meet you!


When we bought our villa as both a special place for us to land when we come to our beloved Bonaire and for a source of income from this substantial investment, we turned to Femke and Mandy at Qvillas to manage the rental operation of Villa Salentein.

From a practical perspective, Femke and Mandy bring years of experience in this vacation rental market to the table. They deal with guests, both potential ones and the ones who are lucky enough to come here. They know our property — its quirks and its special qualities — and they know how to take care of it in our absence and when it is being rented.

From a personal perspective, they allow us to breathe easy, knowing our property is in the best hands! They are honest, hardworking and go above and beyond at all times. From greeting guests in a professional, luxurious way to helping unload a hot, horrible container filled with furnishings and decorations to make some updates to the villa, Femke and Mandy are smiling and on-the-scene. Most important, they listen to us and make sure that we are happy with the way the villa is being maintained when we are not around to see to this ourselves.

We love that they have managed to find a balance between serving our needs to ensure a respectful clientele and serving the needs of this clientele, all of whom want to get the most from their vacation experience!

Linda & Ben

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