20 September 2019
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20 September 2019

Italy in the World

Italy in the world, represents a piece of Italy in Bonaire, we are cataloged as one of the main restaurants of the Island, We are specialists in Italian and Gourmet food, we offer our clients an attentive, warm and friendly service

A unique atmosphere
We have different spaces and environments in which you can taste our exquisite dishes, We create different atmospheres so that you enjoy an unparalleled experience when visiting us and you are eager to visit us again

Our customers, our best advertising
That is why we strive to make your experience in our restaurant unforgettable. The attention of their owners in a personal way offers the possibility of establishing a closer relationship with our business and if you are on the island, you can ask about what to do or visit in Bonaire. We are interested in making your visit, the best time on the Island

An excellent selection of wines.
Italy in the world puts at your disposal our cellar of the best wines of Italy. In our offer, you can taste an extensive variety of the best Italian wines, and so we hope to make your lunch or dinner an exquisite habit

We wish you to come back soon
Italy in the world was conceived with the idea of ​​offering more than a simple food service, our idea is to create closeness between us and our customers, giving them the best gourmet option on the island, an excellent selection of wines and an unforgettable treatment, with the idea of ​​having your visit again in the near future

Our mission
We make use of our technology platform so that you can communicate with us quickly and directly.

Discover the Italian cuisine at Italy of the World!


Italy in the World