Posada Para Mira
Posada Para Mira
27 September 2019
brass boer bonaire
Brass Boer
9 October 2019

La Cantina Cerveceria

La Cantina cerveceria is a unique, surprising and authentic restaurant right in the heart of Bonaire. They offer an international cuisine where fresh, local ingredients are the stars of each dish. With their in-house BREWERY they are able to offer unique home brewed craft beers; from kettle to glass at one location!

In 2015, Jeroen van der Kroft came to Bonaire to join the team of Rick van den Broek and Kim van Dijk. With a healthy amount of interest regarding craft beers – “it was an amazing opportunity to help build the most local beer brand; Bonaire Blond.”

After graduating the study in International Hospitality Management, he decided that the Bonaire adventure had not reached its final chapter. He returned to Bonaire and together with Rick, he started the first Brewery on the Island. With a unique concept, nice music, good food and an amazing team the brewery was soon to be a new hot-spot on Bonaire.

When Rick and Kim decided that their adventure was to be continued elsewhere it provided Jeroen with an opportunity he could not resist; combining La Cantina and Brewery. The location La Cantina Cerveceria was born. A cozy garden restaurant where you will be surprised by the local dishes and The Fish Market where you can pick your own catch of the day. Our BREWERY where we produce the perfect beverages to go along with all the dishes on our menu!

Next to the many dinner options they host a unique beverage experience; from kettle to glass! With the only in-house brewery on Bonaire they are able to offer you a unique beverage experience every time you visit them! Interested in how your favourite beverage is made? Join them for one of their live brewing sessions!


La Cantina Cervecera

La Cantina Cervecera