sorobon beach club
Sorobon Beach Club
30 September 2019

Ocean Oasis

An oasis of tranquility, a setting where you can immerse yourself in luxury, comfort and excellent service.

Awaiting you is a Beach Club with delightful lounge beds, palm trees and wonderful food, all set in beautiful surroundings. Come see us for an unforgettable yet relaxing day.

Immerse yourself in the pearl that is Ocean Oasis Bonaire.

Tropical breezes will cool you, as you enjoy our spacious and peaceful surroundings with amazing views of the azure blue sea. Ocean Oasis evokes an exclusive yet relaxed atmosphere with flawless and friendly service.

Wake up with us at 9 am with a delicious breakfast, be surprised by a delightful lunch in the beach club, relax all day on a lounge bed or simply enjoy the beautiful sunset in a cabana with great wine.

We strive to serve each one of our guests with the best service, food, and refreshments at every moment of the day.

A perfect coffee during breakfast at sunrise, or an incredible glass of wine along with a delicious small bite in the afternoon. Or choose one of our exciting dishes for lunch / early dinner with a fantastic view of the sapphire Caribbean sea.

Whenever possible our chefs use locally sourced products complemented with the best global ingredients. The dishes are prepared inside Josper’s charcoal oven or with the most modern equipment. This results in providing you with a refreshing cuisine with an international twist.

Our team consists of staff members that have a passion for their profession. This is due to the work experience they have gained while working with international chefs in restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin star. In addition to a wonderful menu, they have also selected lovely wines and cocktails that you will surely enjoy. You can also enjoy some fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Our menu offers refined dishes with a fresh twist, or if so desired, fresh locally caught fish or vegetarian meals. We also offer delightful steaks from Canada that are grilled over Josper’s charcoal oven.

All patisseries are prepared on-premise and will inevitably provide you with an enthralling final impression.

Enjoy, experience and be surprised!


Ocean Oasis