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20 January 2017
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25 September 2018

Restaurant At Sea

Restaurant At Sea is situated on the promenade of Bonaire with striking views of the Caribbean Sea. The little Bonairian Chachacha dates back from 1912 and has magnificent details.

With a welcoming atmosphere and the finest dishes you can find on Bonaire we Strive to make your evening one out of a million!

The performance of today is the standard for tomorrow, we strive to deliver the perfect night out for every guest! Our surprise menu is the best way to experience what At Sea is capable of. In the kitchen, our enthousiastic and well trained chefs, try to be different with every dish the create. The chefs are inspired by both local and overseas product. This is what makes the menu well-balanced, with delicate spices & flavors from all over the world.

In the restaurant, our experienced wait staff will assist you by explaining in detail the dishes from our menu and will carefully select the best wines or cocktails to pair with the dishes that you will be served.

You want to be surprised? Let At Sea surprise you!

Restaurant at Sea