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4 October 2019
Big Game Fishing
Bonaire Big Game Fishing
8 October 2019

Jibe City

Jibe City is a relaxed and laid back windsurf centre situated on the east coast of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean where you can rent windsurf equipment, stand-up-paddle boards, take lessons or just chill and enjoy the view and the windsurf action.

About our spot
Lac is bordered by a barrier reef across most of its entrance to the open sea, and lush mangroves about everywhere else.

It has two peninsulas: Cai and Sorobon.

Lac is home to three globally endangered species: the Green Turtle, the Queen Conch and the mangrove trees. Jibe City is located on the Sorobon side of the bay.

Besides windsurfing there are many other activities one can enjoy on the not so windy days:

  • Snorkeling (gear available in the Jibe City shop)
  • Rent a SUP and explore the reef
  • Kayaking through the mangrove forest
  • Scuba diving outside the coral dam between Lac and the open water (advanced dive)

or just do nothing and have a drink at the Hang Out Bar.

Dunkerbeck Procenter

The Dunkerbeck Pro Center is a windsurf school. It is founded by Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Philippe Bru and Sorobon Beach Resort in the Sorobon lagoon on the island of Bonaire.

The Sorobon lagoon is part of Lac Bay: a lagoon protected from the ocean by a big coral reef on one side and large mangrove forest on the other. This unique natural development created the most perfect windsurfing environment for any experience level. In fact, extremely shallow crystal clear waters allows to windsurf without a wetsuit and at any time! Moreover, the constant ocean winds are an average of 16 knots all year round!

In order to make use of these conditions, we encourage the guests of Sorobon Beach Resort to go windsurfing with their rented gear whenever they please. For example, the middle of the night, or during breaking dawn. Can a windsurfer say no to the perfect gush of wind?

In the Dunkerbeck Pro Center we focus on the details and try to provide the best quality service on the island. For example, the equipment for rent is selected from the very best windsurf brands in the world, in order to enhance the experience for guests and visitors. Similarly, the teachers and staff are professionals in their field and will always help with pure and honest enthusiasm.

In addition, we welcome you to be daring and find your own windsurfing adventure! In fact, we organise boat trips where you can windsurf on the other side of Bonaire – in completely open waters! Isn’t that the most fun Caribbean challenge?

Similarly, you are invited to learn how to foil, or leave your children to enjoy windsurifng activities together.

Bonaire Windsurf Place

Bonaire Windsurf Place is the only locally owned and operated windsurf station on the windward side of the island known as Sorobon, at Lac Bay. The water is shallow and warm, with steady tradewinds, and a beautiful beach–perfect conditions for catching some wind in your sails and claiming the freedom of the water in a sheltered and safe environment. The owners of Bonaire Windsurf Place have great experience dating back to 1987.

For those comfortable with their windsurfing abilities, Bonaire Windsurf Place offers the best in equipment rentals, with always the latest boards from Starboard and RRD and sails by Hot Sails Maui.

For those wanting to improve their skills, BWP offers instruction from people like Bonaire’s Windsurf Olympian & Champion, Patun Saragoza, but all the staff have held their own in regional competitions.

The highly trained and friendly staff of BWP is always ready to give you the best and unmatched service, which our customers have come to expect over the years!

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