Things to do

25 September 2018

Foodmaniacs Bonaire

An intimate romantic dinner for 2 or a great wine and dine experience?
12 September 2017

Top 7 places in Bonaire

The top 7 must see's in Bonaire you did not know that exist!
8 September 2017

VIP Diving

Personal attention results in better diving and a greater experience
2 March 2017

The Beach Windsock

An oceanfront haven for relaxation, lunch or dinner!
20 January 2017


Dine different at Buddy Dive’s Ingridients Restaurant.
20 January 2017

Restaurant At Sea

A welcoming atmosphere, Culinary delights & striking views!
20 January 2017


Capriccio | Il Ristorante & La Boutique. Excellent Italian food.
20 January 2017
RumRunners Bonaire


Rum Runner’s Restaurant is oceanfront dining at its best.
19 January 2017

Little Havana

Probably the coolest music bar in the Caribbean!
19 January 2017

Sea Cow Bonaire

Experience the Caribbean Sea on the Seacow Bonaire!
19 January 2017

Spice Beach Club

Located on the Caribbean coast, Spice Beach Club
19 January 2017

Hang Out Beach Bar

The ultimate place to relax or go windsurfing on the island!
18 January 2017

Fishing Adventures Bonaire

Spectacular Deep Sea Fishing Trips! Offered day and night!