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Sea turtles in Bonaire | True or False Quiz

Bonaire is well known for its turquoise blue waters, their water sports and the relaxed atmosphere. There is some interaction between the people living on the island and the animals from the sea. Some for the better, some not so much. 

One of the animals that get to enjoy the land, the sea and the relaxed atmosphere of Bonaire are the sea turtles! These animals always seem to be relaxing and are always a highlight during a snorkel or diving trip. While these animals are great to look at they offer great value to marine life, land life and mankind.

Are you ready to learn a little bit about these majestic animals? Take the true or false quiz below!

The rules are simple:

1. Take a look at the question on the card,

2. Think about your answer and discuss with friends/family,

3. Turn the card around by hovering over the block to get to know the answer!

4. Don’t look ahead! There is some extra explanation below each card!

5. Good luck!

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1. True or false? Turn the card below to find out!

Turtles eat jellyfish, squid and crabs among other hard to eat animals of the sea.

True! Sea turtles have powerful beaks that don´t mind a hard shell or stingy tentacles!

Sea turtles have various diets. Among them there are carnivores, herbivores, omnivores and even spongivores! This means that not every sea turtle eats the same. Leatherbacks eat jelly fish, Loggerheads eat hard shelled prey and Green sea turtles eat mostly algae and sea grass. This is quite dependent on the shape of the beak and head of the turtle.

2. True or false? Turn the card below to find out!

An estimate of 1/1000 hatchlings reach adulthood

True. Some experts say that only 1/1000 hatchlings survive because of the many dangers they have to face after birth.

Depending on the species, sea turtles lay an average of 110 eggs per nest. Sometimes up to 8 nests per season! Some of the female sea turtles reach fertility as late as the age of 20 years.

3. True or false? Turn the card below to find out!

There are 4 different species of sea turtles on Bonaire: Green Sea turtles, Hawksbills, Loggerheads and the Leatherbacks

True! The leatherbacks are however, only rarely seen on Bonaire!

While the leatherbacks are massive sea turtles, they are not often seen on Bonaire. There have been occasional sightings of leatherbacks in the ocean surrounding Bonaire. Very rarely they attempt to nest on Bonaire! Have you seen one yet?

4. True or false? Turn the card below to find out!

Many mythological stories portray turtles as carriers of the world. Without them there would be no world.

True! In Many cultures turtles are seen as carriers of the worlds & heavens!

The longevity, protective shells and charming appearance of turtles make them perfect symbols for mythological purposes. These mythologies could be onto something, losing the turtles would impact the world as we know today!

5. True or false? Turn the card below to find out!

Just like Qvillas you can “adopt” a sea turtle nest which costs over $10.000!

False! Qvillas did adopt a nest, but it costs far less than $10.000!

Adopting a nest is one of the many ways you can support the STCB and thus the sea turtles. An adaptation is symbolic, and with the money the STCB is able to relocate nests if necessary, untangle trapped baby turtles, sustain the Beachkeeper program and gather useful data!

6. True or false? Turn the card below to find out!

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire protects all the sea animal on an around Bonaire.

False! The STCB focuses mainly on turtles and everything the turtles need!

The STCB puts the turtles first. They help creating a sea-turtle-friendly environment in order for the turtles to be able to reproduce more easily

So, how many did you get right?!

Are you a sea turtle expert already? There is always something the learn about these fascinating creatures. Would you like to adopt a nest too, or would you like to know in what other ways you can support the sea turtles? Take a look on the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire website!