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27 September 2019

Have the perfect diving experience with Ultimate Rental Trucks on Bonaire.

Ultimate Dive Trucks owner’s, Eric & Stacy Olson, arrived at Bonaire for the first time on December 31st, 2018.

They had been traveling for a number of months through Asia and the Caribbean, looking for a place to retire. Once in Bonaire, it only took 7 days to know that they found what they were looking for!

A few days after they arrived, they rented a truck to shore dive as everyone else does. They recall that first day as if it were yesterday:

Where do we put the tanks? Where do we put our dive gear? What do we do with our wallets and phones? Where do I set up my gear? How do I get rid of all of this sand….and the list goes on and on…..

​Current truck rental issues they observed that first day: No way to organize because gear must be stacked on top of tanks. No way to avoid constantly lifting tanks because tanks need to be transferred to the bottom of the heap as they are used.

No way to secure valuables because you are instructed to leave windows down and doors unlocked, or risk a window being broken at renters expense. No way to easily set up gear because you have to balance it on the tailgate, often putting gear on one person at a time. Lastly, no way to remove sand and debris unless you bring water bottles or have a portable camping shower.

All of the above caused them to ask:
“Is it possible that there may be a better way?”

Then they started to talk to other divers and found out what the diving community would like to see in the “ultimate dive truck.”

1) Secure storage for valuables
2) Shower
3) Cooler
4) Easier gear set up
5) Roomier truck
6) Automatic Transmission
7) Air conditioning
8) Upright tank storage (less tank moving)​

Everything that is on the list has been answered and that is how the Ultimate Dive Truck was born!

Needless to say….that was the end of “retirement” and the beginning of a new chapter of serving divers on Bonaire.

It is truly Eric and Stacy’s desire that their clients have the Ultimate Diving Experience while renting Ultimate Dive Trucks.

Our patent-pending shore diving rental truck come equipped with AC and automatic transmission, and are designed with numerous amenities not found in any other rental truck option:
12 Upright Tank Capacity, 4 Dive Stations with Roll Control Clips, 2 Locking Storage Boxes, Commercial Mats, Gear Containers and Cooler provided, and lastly, but most importantly, an On Board Shower with Pump to rinse off sand and debris. (see website for videos and photos)

Ultimate Dive Trucks offers valet delivery to your accommodations upon your arrival and coordinates with you for a convenient return process.

You can book via their website.


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